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What is Direct Access PT?

Direct Access Physical Therapy (DAPT) is a type of healthcare model that allows patients to access physical therapy services without a referral from a physician or other healthcare provider. In other words, patients can see a licensed physical therapist directly, without needing to first see a doctor for a referral.

DAPT laws and regulations vary by state and country, but in general, DAPT allows patients to seek physical therapy services more quickly and easily, without having to go through the process of getting a referral from their primary care physician or specialist. This can be especially beneficial for patients who have musculoskeletal issues, such as back pain, neck pain, or joint pain, and who want to start physical therapy as soon as possible.

Direct Access PT in Illinois

Well Balanced PT is based in Illinois at this time. In Illinois, licensed physical therapists are authorized to evaluate, assess, and treat patients with or without a referral from a physician or other healthcare provider. However, there are some restrictions on the level of care that a physical therapist can provide under direct access.

For example, physical therapists in Illinois are authorized to provide physical therapy services for up to 10 visits or 15 calendar days, whichever comes first, before a referral from a physician or other healthcare provider is required. After this initial period, a referral is necessary to continue treatment.

It is important to note that insurance coverage for physical therapy services under direct access may vary depending on the individual’s insurance plan. It is recommended to check with your insurance provider to determine your coverage options for physical therapy services. Well Balanced PT offers cash pay services at this time, which you can read about in this article here.

In some cases, a physical therapist may still need to refer a patient to a physician or other specialist for further evaluation or treatment depending on the patient’s condition. However, DAPT laws and regulations generally allow physical therapists to provide a wider range of services and treatments than they may have been able to in the past.

It’s important to note that DAPT laws and regulations can vary widely by state and country, and patients should check with their local physical therapy regulatory agency to determine what services are allowed under DAPT laws in their area. Additionally, while DAPT can be beneficial for many patients, some insurance plans may require a referral from a physician in order to cover the cost of physical therapy services.

Wellness Services

Well Balanced PT offers one on one individual treatments as well as wellness services that also do not require a referral from an MD. Read more about our wellness services here.

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