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It’s no surprise with weight gain during pregnancy many women experience discomfort around their abdomen, pelvis, and low back. Having good support can really make a difference and help to alleviate some of this pain. Read below to find some great options for belly support.


Although I am a physical therapist by profession, I am not your physical therapist.  This information is for educational purposes only, it does not constitute as medical advice and does not establish any kind of therapist-patient relationship with me. I am not liable or responsible for any damages resulting from or related to your use of this information.

Belly Support Bands

These are by far the most popular supports to use during pregnancy as they are supportive and easy to get on and off. There are many different options available all over the internet and in stores.


  • Good support provided
  • Options to support pelvic floor or off load the diaphragm
  • Many styles and options to choose from


  • Can be bulky and uncomfortable especially with sitting

Belly Bands – Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit is a popular brand of maternity supports, their most popular version is the medium support belt providing support across the lower back as well as under the abdomen.

There are many different types of belly bands available on Amazon as well at various price points. There are bands that go across the top of your stomach for diaphragm support and bands that go between your legs to provide support to your pelvic floor as well.

Light Compression Garments

Light compression garments are a good addition to your daily wardrobe. They provide light compression and support and are less cumbersome than the belly bands. They can come in the form of tank tops, belly bands, supportive leggings, and even shape wear.


  • Many options to choose from to wear with your wardrobe
  • Support types can vary, you can choose what you need
  • Many different fabrics available to find one that is comfortable


  • Typically less support than belly bands
  • Have a tendency to bunch or ride up in various places requiring adjustment


Shirt Extenders

Support Type: Light. Shirt extenders are exactly as they sound, they are a band of fabric you wear underneath your clothing that covers your belly and ends around your hips.

Supportive Leggings

Support Type: Light to Medium. Supportive leggings are typically above the belly leggings providing support to your growing stomach. There are many different brands on the market for supportive leggings and here are my two favorites.

Fabletics maternity leggings provide light gentle support, they often run specials for you to get these leggings at a great price.

Blanqi is another popular brand of maternity leggings, which provides heavier support than the Fabletics brand. These come in various colors and lengths and are seamless for a comfortable fit.

Supportive Tanks & Shapewear

Just like your traditional shapewear, there are various options for support wear including shorts, tanks, slips, and more. The options are endless and can vary based on your wardrobe for home or work. See some great options here.

Kinesiology Taping

This option takes a little more practice, but once you put it on, you can leave it on for up to 3-5 days. It provides support and is a very thin layer directly on your skin. You can even shower with the tape on too! Read this article for more information on taping.


  • Good support provided
  • Options to tape different patterns to find the best support for the discomfort you’re feeling
  • Stays for up to 3-5 days


  • Can irritate stretched skin and cause discomfort
  • Unable to use belly butter or lotions when using the tape
  • Need to re-apply and take breaks between application